My street in is not on the list of those to be improved if the Brookfield street referendum is passed on March 15. I am voting in favor of it. Perhaps you are in the same situation. You should vote for it, too.

The upcoming ballot question would raise $22 million for street improvements throughout all of Brookfield and will be paid for by all property tax payers in the village, residential and commercial. The language is very specific, meaning legally that money could only go to roads. These funds will repair the worst streets in Brookfield, those rated 1 and 2 (nearly 40 percent of all streets), over the next few years. 

If the referendum fails, it will take nearly 20 years to improve the 1s and 2s at the current rate. Streets currently rated in better condition will become worse, but won’t be gotten to until the worse streets are improved, putting us even further behind. 

Currently, the village is paying off older debt that, once fully paid off, can be reused to improve streets that are now in good shape. That money comes from different revenue sources, so it will not require another voter-approved referendum like the one up on the March 15. 

So a “yes” is a vote to fix your own street, either in the very-near future or the not-so-distant future. Please vote yes. 

Brian Oberhauser


Ed. note: Brian Oberhauser is a Brookfield village trustee.