When the dust on East Burlington Street in Riverside finally settles, it will be quite nice. Now historically, and I know of what I write, things have been known to progress slowly in my town, so it’s good to see things happening.

The last time anything major was done was when the trees and the plantings went in. The plantings were of a natural sort and I remember seeing two village workers, summer help I think, whose task it was to remove the weeds from the planting areas. Quizzically they pondered trying to distinguish a weed from a plant. I offered my non-expert opinion, “When in doubt, pull it out,” after which I promptly moved on.

Do you remember when there was diagonal parking? I’m glad that is gone. It is difficult to pull out when there is an SUV parked next to you; can’t see much.

I’m glad there will be benches along the street. I thought I saw something that had them facing the businesses. I think they ought to be facing the street, facing each other or, better yet, have backless benches, which mean you can face whichever way you want. I have even looked at other towns to see how their benches are. This bothers me much more than what kind of sidewalk material is used.

Riversiders, you have proven to be vigilant as you have made your way to the Chew Chew, (thanks, Scott, for making the walkway to get to your door) and Aunt Diana’s. Getting to Salon Elia, proved to be a challenge for clients, but nothing keeps a woman from getting to her hair appointment. 

So we may have had to walk a little bit, which won’t hurt us. Here’s a tip: drive around the back of the business to get to the public parking spaces along the railroad tracks. You’re going to want to know that, because the much-anticipated restaurant Sawmilly is set to open this spring.

The snail’s pace has picked up over the years in Riverside, and with the fact that the will be part of a PBS program that airs nationally on April 19 will let people know what many of us have known for years — that Riverside is unique. 

We credit Olmsted with much of what is Riverside, but we should give credit to those who have maintained that legacy and moved onward. 

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