I am not one to write letters to the editor, but the recent article on the settlement for District 96 former Superintendent Jonathan Lamberson’s pension (“State pension system settles Lamberson dispute,” News, March 30) just spun me up.

I am sure the current District 96 board was happy to reclaim the $65,000 (after legal fees) in overpay to Lamberson.

I applaud their efforts. This is certainly not something the previous District 96 board would have pursued, since they were the ones that gave him the $375,000 annual contract plus bennies. This for being a superintendent over about 1,200 students. 

How out of control the previous board was. Lamberson’s salary was just short of Obama’s. How absurd that he should have commanded so much of the District 96 taxpayers’ money.

But there is more. Now he has to get by on a measly pension from the Illinois Teachers Retirement System (TRS) of only $270,284 annually.

How outrageous. Even more obscene is that the TRS has put the Illinois taxpayers on the hook for this ludicrous amount. How broken the TRS must be. Little wonder that the state faces financial collapse.

The only winner here is Lamberson. He played the corrupt system and the irresponsible school boards like a concert musician to his immense benefit.

I’ll bet he was a music major.

Ed Mantel


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