OK, readers, I think I am finally going to do it — I’m going to switch from my flip phone. I think the time has come, as I look at the little “flipper” that has served me well the past few years. The printed duct tape that is holding it together seems a little tired. 

Understand, I was given a new phone last year and looked at it and wondered. Unfortunately, the instruction book it came with did not come equipped with a teenager to explain how it works. Granted, it did have a manual I glanced at, but I chose to put it down for another time; well, this is the time. 

I like simple, even when it comes to social media (at least I understand that term), and I do not need to know how to do lots of things on my personal phone. It is a phone. I can call on it and receive calls on it. That’s what I like to use it for. 

I am advanced enough to text and take pictures, but that is about where I stop. The “new” phone I have is probably on its way to being obsolete, but it’s OK if I am a few steps behind. At least I’m on my way. 

Now, I am not against moving forward, but I’m also thankful I was born when I was, because I might still be back across the big waters otherwise. I am not a pioneer woman. 

I am encouraging myself by telling myself about all the cute cases there are for my new phone and that I can make a fashion statement while connecting with friends. So, as I plunge forward I say to you: Don’t call me, I will call you, hopefully, on my new cellphone. We still do have a landline phone just in case, good to have a back-up.

I stand corrected: In last week’s column about teacher/musician Dave Monti, there were two mistakes. Alumni band member’s name is Jason Gelb not Gelbland. I went back and checked and it seems a gremlin struck trying to save space. It should have read “Jason Gelb and.” 

The other mistake, I admit was mine. The name of the CD is “Unbreakable.” Sorry about that.

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Sunday, April 17 the Riverside Township Lions Club will be holding its chicken dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Riverside Township Hall. Great way to support the Lions Clubs and have a good dinner. Yay, another day I don’t have to cook.