Work to begin resurfacing streets in four former special service areas on the south end of Brookfield will begin in August and ought to be completed in mid-October, if a timetable presented to the village board on April 11 holds true.

Village Manager Keith Sbiral said his goal was for the south end street improvements to begin Aug. 1. For that to happen, Sbiral said work needed to begin immediately on the design engineering. Before that can begin, however, the village will seek bids from seven companies for sewer televising services. Proposal packets were expected to be sent out to the seven companies this week.

The village is proposing to televise about 25,000 linear feet of sanitary sewers built in the 1960s in the area that once included Special Service Areas 1 through 4. The village won’t televise the reinforced concrete storm sewers installed when the special service areas were created in the 1990s, because the village is assuming those pipes are still in good shape. It’s estimated that the sanitary sewer televising work will cost about $70,000.

Once the sewers have been cleaned and televised, the village’s engineering firm will put together the engineering design documents for the work, which will focus on streets south of Shields Avenue that were rated a “2” — the second-worst rating in the 5-point rating done by Hancock Engineering in 2013.

The south-end 2-rated streets were chosen for improvement in 2016 because work will consist mainly of milling and resurfacing the roadway and the design engineering won’t be as complicated compared to the 1-rated streets, which need to be reconstructed completely.

In March, Brookfield voters approved a referendum that will allow the village to sell $22 million over the next five years. Those bond issues will fund an eight-year street improvement program that will address roughly one-third of the residential streets in Brookfield.

At the village board’s next meeting on April 25, trustees are expected to approve several measures that will start the ball rolling on the 2016 improvements.

First, the board will approve an agreement with Hancock Engineering on engineering design and an agreement with the low bidder for the sewer televising work.

In addition, the board will approve an agreement with Kane, McKenna Capital Inc., the village financial advisor, to begin the bond issue process.

According to Sbiral, the village would like the bond sale to take place between June 27 and 29. Brookfield will issue $9 million in this first bond sale, and the money will fund improvements scheduled to take place later this year and in 2017.

Once the bonds are issued this summer, Brookfield will seek competitive bids for the south end street improvements in order to be able to hit the goal of an Aug. 1 start date.

A separate street improvement project on Shields Avenue between Maple and Eberly avenues ought to be wrapping up by the time the referendum-funded improvement project begins, so there shouldn’t be much, if any, overlap in the work.

In 2017, the village will seek to repair all of the remaining 1-rated (the worst) streets in Brookfield. According to Village Engineer Derek Treichel, the sewers on those streets have already been televised.

Because the engineering work for those streets will be more involved, Treichel said he would seek an agreement to begin design engineering for the 2017 improvements later this spring.

Brookfield will seek a second bond issue in 2018 as the street improvement plan continues.