Over the past seven years I have been fortunate to meet and befriend a multitude of some terrific people. Many of them have moved on to the next level of hopefully peace and happiness.

I have tried to write very honest, positive salutes to all of them, and editor Bob Uphues printed nearly all of these salutes. His goodness and caring has helped many families through an often tragic and sad situation. All of these families were truly touched and appreciated the love and kindness shown to their loved ones.

Quality at the Landmark starts at the top and works its way throughout the staff. One of the most notable is JoAnne Kosey. She has always been ahead of her time and consistently writes about organizations and individuals in a well-deserved, interesting and positive way. She has managed to make many people very happy.

After her words about me, I was stopped by eight different families who remembered her teaching days at Mater Christi School with overwhelming love and praise, and wishing she was still teaching.

JoAnne is still teaching and spreading goodness every week in print. Don’t miss a word — your world will be happier and better for it. Thanks, JoAnne.

Jim Zak

North Riverside