Brookfield residents are showing an awful lot of confidence in the future of their village. Residents, perhaps taking their cues from builders who have had success in renovating and selling homes for nice returns, have begun to sink more money into their properties.

That’s a real tribute to the signals that village hall has been sending to developers, real estate agents and prospective residents in the past couple of years. 

It took a good five or six years for Brookfield to recover from the whirlwind of foreclosures that struck when the real estate collapse hit in 2008. Many of those homes were rehabbed and resold at some eye-popping prices.

The last couple of years have paid dividends for the village in terms of both residential and commercial real estate development. The trick, of course, is to keep that momentum rolling into the next several years, but village officials appear to be well aware of that and the outlook appears positive.

We’ll see if the strong start to 2016 in terms of residential building improvements sustains itself throughout the year and into next year. If it does, Brookfield can feel pretty good about the direction in which it’s headed.