I stopped into Wendy’s near the North Riverside Mall for lunch recently, and while paying for my burger I heard an older man, obviously in his 90s and a bit down in the adjacent line proudly telling the cashier how he had fought under MacArthur in World War II.

I immediately grabbed his hand and thanked him profusely for his courage and bravery in fighting for our country to maintain the great things we have. I told him MacArthur was nothing without him and the others who gave so much and how proud and thankful I was for him. He said, “Thanks, you’ve made my day.”

Later as I was leaving, we crossed paths and I again told him how proud I was of him. With a huge smile, he again said I made his day like no one else had.

A simple lunch encounter with a vet I had never met before turned into an experience I will remember forever. You never know!

Jim Zak

North Riverside