This week’s column will be of a personal nature, the subject of which I was encouraged to write by a very good friend. Mulling over the subject, I had to decide if it would be fit for The Landmark or the AARP magazine; as you can see I opted for the Landmark. Hope it was the right choice.

A recent birthday made me think that, yes, I was a year older. But what does it mean and would I get a cake that I did not have to buy myself? I came out good on the cake, actually two cakes. 

The age thing could be a bother or a scare depending on how you approach it. My approach is to start thinking of my new age a week before my birthday so I will not have to stammer when asked my age and have people think I am having a senior moment.

Now here is what else I think about — the things I can do and not what I can’t do. I also pacify myself by thinking of the many things I have done and don’t wish to do again, so age doesn’t matter. I also tell myself that there are some things I could do if I wanted, like climb a mountain, but I don’t want to, so I am OK.

 Now here is the best, and it encourages me. I think of all the people who are my age or close to it and how they are still out there doing their thing. 

And so I say, thank you Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Barbra Streisand. You still have it, and hopefully so do I, to continue doing what we like to do and not settling in for the duration. 

Not that I am an entertainer, although I could have been, but I can identify with their zeal to live life. McCartney is still writing those songs and singing them well and touring. Jagger, he stills has those moves, although a little slower. And, Barbra, well what can you say? She is ready to record and play to packed houses. They are an inspiration to all.

So when you have a birthday, embrace it, enjoy it, blow out the candles — no matter how many — and face the challenge and remember Betty White is still out there kicking at 90!

Why, I think I’ll use little more Oil of Olay and buy myself a birthday present at RAW this weekend I feel so good. Thanks, Paul, Mick and Barbra!