One of the great joys of the newspaper business is coming across so many people who have interesting and compelling stories to tell. No matter how small the town, you can find stories everywhere.

For the past several years, for the issue of the Landmark that comes out prior to Memorial Day, we’ve featured the stories of veterans, some of whom faced terrifying circumstances in combat.

Many, like Lew Heine, who is featured on today’s front page, came home went to work, raised a family and, in his words, “forgot about” war. Now 86, Heine has shared the story of his experience as a Navy corpsman in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. Like the stories of veterans whom the newspaper has featured before, we’re honored to tell it.

On Monday, Riverside will host its annual Memorial Day ceremony in Guthrie Park. If you haven’t been to it yet, give some thought about going. Heine will be honored as part of the event, but what the event spotlights powerfully, are the men from Riverside who died in the line of duty during four foreign wars in the 20th century.

Those men, most of them either late teens or in their 20s, left behind families in many of the houses Riverside residents today inhabit. The losses were no doubt felt by their neighbors and friends, and they still reverberate when the names of the dead are read aloud at the Gold Star Memorial in Guthrie Park.