The District 95 administration may want to do a more thorough job of verifying residency before they think that a new school is needed (due to overcrowding). Has the housing density really increased so much over the past few years that there would be such a large increase in enrollment? Hard to believe. 

My children attended both D95 schools within the last five years and I don’t recall there being a very rigorous residency check. Perhaps they might want to take note of the way RB does their checking. RB requires several valid, legal, and up-to-date forms of address verification, along with an actual interview of the parents/guardians, and they require this every year. It is cumbersome and time consuming, but it seems to be quite effective. 

Before D95 starts asking us for more money, they should check (and double check) that the students who need the money actually live here and deserve it.

John Hanna