Christopher Petrucci

A member of Brookfield Little League’s board of directors has been charged with stealing money from a concession stand at Kiwanis Park after he was caught on a surveillance camera allegedly taking cash from a drawer.

Christopher M. Petrucci, 32, of Brookfield, reportedly took $16 and some candy from the concession stand at Overholt Field on May 27 at about 3:30 p.m. He was arrested May 30 after voluntarily coming to the police department to be interviewed about the incident.

Petrucci, who police say was wearing his blue Brookfield Little League polo shirt, was charged with one count of theft. He has a hearing date at the Maybrook courthouse on June 28.

Brookfield Little League President Dennis Gilhooley in an email said that Petrucci had been removed from his position as the board’s safety officer and that he had resigned as the manager of one of the league’s minor league teams.

“BLL is disappointed that this happened,” Gilhooley said in the email. “We are thankful for the work done by the Brookfield Police Department, and we have taken actions to prevent something like this from happening again.”

According to the police report, league officials reported six other thefts amounting to $159 between May 16 and May 21 at Overholt Field and Gav Field concession stands. Small amounts, between $2 and $50, were reported missing each time, according to the report.

Little League officials first contacted police about thefts from the Overholt Field and Gav Field concession stands on May 18. On that date, Gilhooley told police that both concession stands were short about $30 on May 16 and that he believed someone with a key was coming in overnight and taking the money.

Police installed surveillance cameras in the concession stands and recorded overnight activity for the next three days. While no overnight activity was recorded, Gilhooley reported that money was missing on two occasions.

By May 23, police were running the cameras continuously, since Little League officials began to suspect the money was being taken during times when the concession stands were open.

It was on May 25 that police observed something amiss on a surveillance camera for the first time. Between about 6:15 p.m. and 7:40 p.m., a storm knocked out power to the Overholt Field concession stand.

When the power was restored, police noticed that the cash drawer had been moved and league officials reported that $32 was missing. While that theft wasn’t caught by the camera due to the power outage, police were able to capture activity at the Overholt Field concession stand on May 27.

On that date at about 3:30 p.m., according to police, Petrucci was seen on camera entering the Overholt concession stand. After taking a drink from the cooler, Petrucci was seen reaching into the cash drawer, removing some cash and putting it in his pants pocket, police said. 

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