Thank you for your reporting on the transgender issue as it applies to school districts. (“School districts grapple with federal transgender guidelines,” News, June 1).

I was disappointed, however, in the comments from Mr. Keen, a Riverside-Brookfield High School board member. He called the letter sent by the federal government to school districts across the country about this issue an example of federal “overreaching.” I could not disagree more vehemently. It was merely a reminder to follow Title IX regulations when it comes to treating all students equally.

 As a longtime and recently retired teacher at RBHS, I felt proud that the federal government took the time to reteach this lesson. It was not so long ago that I was ridiculed at a faculty meeting for asking the administration to institute a chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance at RBHS shortly after Oak Park and River Forest High School started one. I was told “no” and was also told that “Riverside is not Oak Park.”

It was not so long ago that a gay RBHS student sued the district for ill treatment. And it was very recently when RBHS students so eloquently pleaded with the school board not to cancel the Gay-Straight Alliance club (yes, they finally started this club) after slashing half of the clubs in the district. I suppose that after the lawsuit, having this club seemed like a pretty good idea.

After reading about what is going on with this issue in the state of North Carolina, I am surprised that Mr. Keen thinks that the federal government should stay out of it. That would be an abrogation of duty.

 Sometimes we all need reminding of our historical values, 

Jan Goldberg