When the Lyons-Brookfield District 103 school board hired Superintendent Carol Keene Baker last month, they approved a three-year contract that will pay her $145,000 in the first year of the deal with guaranteed 3.25-percent raises each year thereafter.

If the board feels Baker has attained performance goals outlined in the contract, they have the ability to give the superintendent raises above 3.25 percent without having to amend her contract.

The contract is effective May 26, the day the board voted to hire Baker, and calls for Baker to paid for three “transition days” at an unspecified “2016-17 per diem” and makes her eligible for travel expenses during that time.

The expiration date of the contract is June 30, 2019. In February, the school board voted to approve a four-year contract (ending June 30, 2020) for part-time assistant superintendent Kyle Hastings. 

According to her new contract, Baker will be paid $2,000 in 12 equal payments for “intra-district transportation costs” for traveling between district facilities in addition to reimbursing the superintendent for out-of-district travel.

In addition, the district will reimburse Baker up to $500 to insure her vehicle, naming the school district as an additional insured party.

As is typical in contracts for high-level school administrators, District 103 will be paying Baker’s entire pension contribution to the state Teachers Retirement System (TRS), and it will also pay Baker’s entire contribution toward the Teachers’ Health Insurance Security (THIS) fund.

The contract also includes a provision stating that if the state legislature limits the amount school districts can contribute toward the superintendent’s TRS and THIS funds, the difference will be paid in cash as salary.

District 103 will also provide Baker with a cellphone and corresponding service and will provide health, dental and disability insurance benefits in line with what other administrative employees in the district are afforded.

Baker will receive 20 paid vacation days per year with ability to carry over a maximum of 30 per year. If Baker leaves the district for any reason, she is eligible to be paid for all accumulated unused vacation. She also is granted 12 paid sick days per year, with the ability to bank a maximum of 360, along with three paid personal days.

Among the performance goals outlined in the contract, Baker is tasked with aligning academic practices with the new Illinois Learning Standards and developing, along with the school board, “student performance goals that reflect continuous growth in all students.”

Baker also will establish a “lesson plan template” to guide teachers in implementing the curriculum and develop a plan integrating technology into the classroom.

 The contract also lays out goals related to budgeting; developing and maintaining relationships with the school board, teachers, other staff, parents and community leaders; and communicating with the media, parents and the community.