RBTV students won three Crystal Pillar Awards – the highest honor given to high school students enrolled in a TV production course – given by the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Midwest Chapter.

Senior Colin Hughes was recognized for his fictional short film “Dodger” and for his direction of the short film “Clarity,” while sophomore Sara Vacek was recognized for her public affairs series “For the Fauna.”

Hughes, who will attend DePaul University in the fall, won the NATAS and Luke Palermo High School Scholarships.

Four NATAS honorable mentions were also awarded for the following entries: “RBTV News” produced by Hughes, Vacek, Anisa Selenica, Thomas Kraus, Brendan Shakeshaft, Casey Vileta, Charlie Marcou, Derek Johnson and Kevin Baginski; the short firm “Clarity” and the commercial “RBTV Sports” by Hughes; and the editing “For the Fauna” by Vacek.

RBTV students were also honored at the Midwest Media Educators Association High School Video Festival.

Winning second-place awards were “TalkNado” (TV Show category) produced by Louis Garcia, Olivia Joyce, Quintin Kotlicky, Daniel Kouba, Kraus, Scott Lagler, Anthony Landahl, Jazmine Maldonado, Francesca Perry, Schuyler Poss, Andres Resto, Caleb Schlesser, Selenica, Charles Sweeney, Julian VanDrunen and Casey Whisler; “Dodger” (Dramatic Narrative category) produced by Hughes; “For the Fauna” (Documentary category) produced by Vacek; and “2015 Cinematography Reel” (Cinematography category) produced by Hughes.

The “RBTV News Update” won third place at the MMEA Awards in the News Program category.