In an effort to inform others of my recent dilemma, I felt a duty to report this incident to the area residents. 

On Monday June 6, I wrote out my checks, stuffed and stamped my envelopes and drove over to the North Riverside Post Office. As I always do, I walked my mail into the postal office and deposited them inside the lobby mail drop.

Two weeks later I started to receive startling news, in the form of my very first late credit card payment, along with hefty fines and fees. I dug deeper into my checking account and followed up with the others bills I mailed out that same day. None of the six bills I mailed out on June 6 reached their destination. 

Sufficed to say, the postal service lost my mail. 

I recalled receiving an automated message from the village of North Riverside the following week that the North Riverside Post Office lost water bills for the residents of North Riverside and that duplicates will be mailed out. 

After much lost time dealing with creditors and my bank, I went to the North Riverside Post Office to file a complaint. Sadly, no formal written report was taken. I was informed to contact 1-800-ASK-USPS with my concern, which I did, and I filed a formal complaint. 

If this happened to you and you are wondering what happened to your mail, contact 1-800-ASK-USPS. Someone needs to be held accountable. Our personal and financial information is now out there, somewhere. 

Let them know if this happened to you. Hopefully together we can make a difference. 

Peter Culafic

North Riverside

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