The distinguished looking gold or silver box meant that I was receiving a gift I would truly enjoy, because it meant that Husband Joe had been shopping at Arcade Jewelers. Most of the time it was for a particular occasion, but there were those times it was “just because.”

Arcade Jewelers, which had become a fixture of quality and good taste with always something to please, has closed its doors after many years and locations. Its inventory had changed over the years, having been known formerly as Arcade Antiques, where you could purchase furniture, lamps, tables items that were not available in many other stores. 

The genial proprietor of the business was Kay Snyder, who not only knew her inventory but knew her clients, even going so far as to give them a call when she had something she knew they would like. 

Overcoming some obstacles as only Kay, a strong woman ahead of her time, could, Arcade Antiques settled on Burlington Street in Riverside and became Arcade Jewelers.

One of the gems at Arcade Antiques was Snyder herself. Seldom did one stop in the store to visit Kay that they did not walk out with something, at least I didn’t. She was knowledgeable about the items in her store and could tell you much about the history or value of an item. 

For a time she had an “Antiques Roadshow”-type program on RBTV and she also knew a lot about Riverside. For a time, she was a village trustee, a position she won as a write-in candidate.

Robin Mooney, Kay’s daughter, also got into the antiques business and eventually joined her mom in Riverside. The business was in good hands while Kay took her much-deserved trips to Florida. 

The Landmark published a story early this year on the business, before knowing that it would close, nor did Kay or Robin at the time. I thought it needed one more remembrance.

The store closed this past weekend, so Husband Joe went in and made one last purchase. It will seem strange not to walk or drive past the storefront without seeing Kay or Robin behind the counter. 

But I have the gifts in the little gold and silver boxes to remind me, and Kay and Robin will still be around. It was a good run, but I will miss Arcade Jewelers.

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