The utter nonsense in Springfield has driven the state’s social services into submission. Reopening public schools in the fall is in doubt. And now in the latest iteration of hardball machismo, road projects across the state and in our towns can be shut down midstream as soon as next week.

Both Brookfield and Riverside are looking at already-started road projects that could be left sitting half completed for no reason other than government is simply broken downstate.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has lost his battle for his overblown “reform agenda.” He just hasn’t accepted it yet. Having no power in the two legislative chambers prevents him from forcing the nearly-as-demented Democrats from principles related to public employee unions, public education, workman’s comp and raising taxes.

Now it appears the only thing standing between funding schools, roads and social services is funding for Chicago Public Schools. The Democrats want funding increased to bolster the school district’s floundering finances. Rauner has sent the message that any deal won’t include a “bailout” for Chicago schools.

And so the staring contest continues.

It is so far past time to compromise. It’s time for the legislature – and Rauner, especially – to begin thinking less about ideology and more about the citizens they’re supposed to serve. The consequences of this impasse have caused pain so much greater than imagined good. We have gone from a fiscal crisis to a full-blown governance crisis.