The real estate broker hired last year to attract development to Ogden Avenue unveiled a conceptual plan Wednesday for two high-density residential buildings and commercial development to the area near the Congress Park train station.

At a special forum on economic development hosted jointly by the Brookfield Village Board and the Brookfield Planning and Zoning Commission, Jim Troutman of the real estate brokerage/development firm Troutman and Dams, along with Tim Pomaville of Ambrosia Homes, revealed a plan for two 24-unit apartment buildings plus a freestanding commercial building.

The development is planned for the west side of the 4000 block of DuBois Boulevard and north side of the 9500 block of Ogden Avenue, between Blanchan and DuBois.

“These would be Class A-type buildings,” said Pomaville. “These buildings don’t exist in Brookfield.”

Pomaville said the development would be similar in quality to the multi-unit development being built right now at the corner of Ogden and LaGrange Road in LaGrange. Two residential buildings would be built on the former Brookfield Moose lodge property on DuBois Boulevard. That property is owned by the village of Brookfield.

“It’s similar to the density LaGrange is doing already,” Pomaville said.

The buildings are being pitched as high-end apartment buildings, five stories tall with 24 units each. Apartments would be located on floors two through five. The ground floor would be reserved for parking.

Adding that kind of density to the area near the Congress Park train station could support additional retail uses along Ogden Avenue that don’t exist currently, Pomaville said.

“I think adding buildings like this at that site would completely change the feel of this area,” Pomaville said.

While the village of Brookfield owns the roughly 0.85-acre DuBois Boulevard property and likely would willingly part with it for such a development, the other parcels involved in the deal along Ogden Avenue are privately owned by three different owners.

Troutman revealed that his firm has real estate contracts in place for two of the three remaining parcels.

He said his firm has options to buy a roughly three-quarter-acre parcel that includes Brixie’s Saloon and the property immediately north of that building. The company also has an option to buy the roughly quarter-acre parcel of vacant land at 9508 Ogden Ave., which sits immediately east of the Brixie’s property, Troutman said.

However, said Troutman, the company does not have a deal in place yet to purchase the one-story office building at the corner of Ogden and DuBois.

“I’m not saying that without [the corner] we can’t move forward, but it sure is a lot easier if we have this entire strip along here to do commercial,” Troutman said.

If the parcel at the corner of Ogden and DuBois is not acquired, it would affect the size of the commercial development on the other corner because the size of the parking lot would be reduced.

According to Pomaville, the development could be built in phases, if need be, and construction isn’t imminent in any event. There has been no date set for closing on the other parcels and Troutman and Dams and the village of Brookfield would need to craft a redevelopment agreement along the lines of the one that made the Sherwin Williams development possible.

It’s not the first time a high-density residential development has been proposed for the site of the former Brookfield Moose lodge. In 2004, the village board approved the construction of a six-story, 48-unit condominium building that was the brainchild of then-owner Steven Campbell.

Campbell later sold the property to another developer in 2006 for $1.35 million, and that owner scrapped the condo project in favor of a 21-unit townhome development that never got off the ground.

In 2010, after the national real estate market crash, the property eventually was acquired by the bank. A year later, the village of Brookfield acquired the property for $285,000 and created the Congress Park TIF District to aid in the property’s eventual development.

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