Whenever anyone mentions the Hollywood neighborhood, they almost always – heck, we do this all the time – conflate Hollywood and Brookfield. But there is a Riverside part of Hollywood as well, even though its residents say they often feel neglected.

Take, for example, recreational amenities. Sure, the Hollywood section of Riverside is pretty darn small, but there are no public parks or playgrounds nearby. The closest, if you could fly, would be in Indian Gardens, but that’s across First Avenue and at the southern tip of the First Division.

Kiwanis Park in Brookfield is the most likely place to go, but it’s not very close either, from a walking standpoint.

The house at 66 Forbes Road, which is presently being auctioned online – and the price keeps falling every week (the opening bid price was down to $165,000 on Tuesday) – is an interesting and appealing option for a playground and small park.

It’s in a safe area without much traffic and easily reached by anyone in the neighborhood. It would remove what’s been a problem residence in the area (police have responded to that address 26 times in the past 10 years) and be a genuine plus for families.

Yes, buying the property is just the first step in what could be an expensive proposition. But you don’t get many opportunities to create public recreation areas in a landlocked village like Riverside, so we urge officials to seriously consider this request.