My return to Riverside for northern Wisconsin was saddened last week when I learned of the death of Scuffy Gross (“In Memoriam: Schofield ‘Scuffy’ Gross, 88, longtime township treasurer,” News, July 6.

I recalled the many times he would explain the real estate tax process to me when I was a young homeowner some 45 years ago and he was the township assessor.  I recalled the many village committees we served on over the years, as we all worked to make Riverside that special place it is.

Mostly, I recalled the many, many mornings we would see each other on our very early walks along the river and through Scottswood. We’d wave hello or sometimes chat of a few minutes about the news of the day, but mostly about the crispness of the morning, the turning of the leaves or the quiet of the early hours.

He always had a nice word or two, always a pleasant smile and always a way of looking forward to the day.

Somehow, a morning passes to a week and a week passes to a year and then a lifetime. Scuffy was good for Riverside. He was good for the world. He was a kind and gentle person who always had a quick smile and a warm hello.  I’ll miss him.

Ed Mantel