I’d like to offer the following clarification on the article “Riverside lowers hurdle for zoning variations” (News, Aug. 3). The actions taken by Planning and Zoning Commission and Village Board of Trustees with respect to revising the variation standards were not intended to “lower the hurdle” for variations, as the article’s headline might suggest.

Rather, the new standards were put in place to resolve the issue of the commission and village board adhering differently to the previous standards. The revised ordinance should make it easier for both bodies to more uniformly evaluate variation petitions.  

In the presence of a very good zoning ordinance to begin with, which is the case in Riverside, it is intentionally supposed to not be easy to be granted a variation. That’s how we maintain the integrity and intent of the ordinance. That will still be true going forward, only now it will be easier for village board and commission to be in sync.

Paul Kucera, chairman

Riverside Planning and Zoning Commission