Marty Stack, the human resources director for Lyons-Brookfield School District 103, has been reduced to part-time status now that he is running for county office.

Hired by District 103 late last year for the new position of human resources director, Stack was given a one-year contract on Aug. 4, calling on him to work 20 hours a week. Stack is the Democratic candidate for the 1st District seat on the three-member Cook County Board of Review, the body that hears property tax appeals.

Stack, who had been making $75,000 as a full-timer, will be paid $40,000 annually plus benefits for his 20 hours a week of work for the school district. Stack’s position was made part time because of the demands of running for office.

“It’s public information now that he’s running for office, and there’s obviously some other responsibilities that he has in doing that and we didn’t want there to be any question about if he was doing other things during the day,” said District 103 Superintendent Carol Baker, who presided over her first school board meeting last week. “We didn’t want any question in the community that he was doing that on school district time, so we wanted to make his status part time officially.”

The school board voted 4 to 1 to give Stack a one-year contract as a part-time employee, with former school board president Sharon Anderson casting the lone no vote. Board member Joanne Schaeffer missed the meeting for health reasons.

“I still don’t think we need an HR director,” Anderson said. “It was a new position that was created for Marty.”

Anderson also questioned giving fringe benefits to a part-time employee.

“I know at my job I don’t get benefits for part time,” Anderson said.

In other action at last week’s meeting, the school board voted 5 to 0 take the interim tag off Maintenance Director Ryan Grace, who was given a one-year, $80,000 contract. He had been paid a salary equal to $75,000 a year since he was hired in April to replace the district’s longtime Maintenance Director Thomas Sheehy, whose contract was not renewed in March.

“I and the department worked hard to prove ourselves, and I’m glad it was recognized and they’re giving me the opportunity for the next year,” Grace said.

Grace had previously worked as the deputy director for public works for the village of Lyons and is a former member of the Lyons Village Board. He ran for the village board as part of a slate for the United Citizens Party which is aligned with Lyons Village President Christopher Getty. Grace is also a former chairman of the United Citizens Party. 

Since 2012 Grace has contributed $950 to the United Citizens Party and donated another $750 to Getty’s campaign committee, Citizens for Christopher Getty.

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