Have you ever seen your little 18-pound best friend of nearly 10 years savagely gripped, shaken, gored and shredded to death by an uncontrollable monster, while you tried hopeless to release the death grip?

Well, I have, and the images are burned into my head for the rest of my life. My surface wounds from this losing battle – the punctures and scrapes on my hands and arms – will heal. But never my broken heart.

This beast was being handled by a dog-walker who was tragically ill-equipped to control him. The dog was wearing only a nylon and plastic collar – not a choker or spiked collar which any dog of this size and temperament should wear regularly around the clock. Either might have prevented this tragedy. The dog, now impounded, apparently had no village tag and no rabies tag. And there have been incidents of his aggressiveness and near-attacks on people around the neighborhood.

I am so grateful for the extensive support and active assistance that my family and I have received from the Riverside police. Unfortunately, they arrived on the scene too late to stop it.

That dog needs to be put down. Now. I have earned the right to make that demand.

And when we outlaw pit bulls in Riverside, I can only hope that no one will ever have to witness a horror like this one again.

Mike Perricone


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