It is with great sadness I was told the story of the dogs — the dog that was killed and the dogs that bit (“‘Vicious’ dogs impounded after two attacks in Riverside,” News, Aug. 24). What a tragedy for everyone — the owners of all the dogs, all the dogs who died and the dog caretaker. Heartbreaking for all. Truly another Riverside tragedy.

I was a dog friend to the two dogs who did bad things. I was never harmed by the dogs. Sometimes, dogs get anxious and fearful and we do things that we shouldn’t and harm happens. My dog friends were anxious and did some bad things. Their dog parents were away and that made them insecure. The caretaker was inexperienced, did not understand them and it turned into a lethal situation.

My dog parents know the dog owners of the dogs that died on Friday. The family is good, kind and caring. The owners are deeply saddened by the series of unfortunate events — it was an accident but it doesn’t make them bad people. They are sad for the grief that has occurred. They miss their dogs and it was heart wrenching to watch them cry for their dogs. My owner mom cried with them. I miss them too.

My dog friends were not vicious as Chief Wetzel states; he is not a dog expert. They were anxious and fearful but could not express it because they could not speak. No lessons learned just pain and sadness for everyone. As I said, another Riverside tragedy. 

Perhaps all the neighbors could be kinder to each other even in the face of such a sad story. It is time for compassion and forgiveness for all who lost their dogs.

Rob and Sue Corrigan 

(writing for their dog, Oscar)