Anyone who wonders why people have little faith in their elected representatives should consider the case of the Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education, who were elected by the people they are now suing.

I recall an earlier Landmark article reporting that the judge in this matter had said “it will be fun” to see how the issues played out. Of course the fun is being had by the judge and the attorneys for both sides, all of whom are being paid by we, the taxpayers, to the tune of thousands of dollars.

This is fun? Presumably, the RB board members think so. And what’s it about? The board wants to put up a parking lot. This will result in better educated students?

More and more it strikes me that school boards everywhere seem to think they have an absolute right to spend taxpayer money any way they see fit and without limitation. Need more? Raise taxes.

Our new multi-million dollar stadium/playground is a good example. We taxpayers will be paying far into the future for this maintenance-intensive, non-education-related facility which very few of us will ever even set foot in, let alone benefit from.

So what can we do? The sad fact is that only a handful of people voting in school elections have any idea for whom they are voting. Most voters aren’t interested enough to learn about the candidates or to monitor what they do once elected.

As a result, we become victims of our own indifference and acquiescence when school boards decide to play bully. For my part, all this leaves me quite certain that I will never again vote in favor of any future RB referendum on anything, as it makes no sense to feed the beast that bites you.

Victor Skade


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