It’s hard to believe summer is over and we are entering fall, one of my favorite times of year, although I do enjoy spring and summer with winter coming in last. There’s lots to like about fall — the colors, the weather, food (you will read about the houby in another column), apples, pumpkins and especially Aunt Diana’s caramel apples.

There’s also homecoming and football. When I speak of football, I am only considering high school and college games this season, because I do believe that other team has completed their season before it began. However, thank God for the Cubbies who will play fall ball.

There are other events, too, that happen this time of year. One annual event is the Lions Club Candy Sale, which will take place on Oct. 6 and 7.  

Members of the Riverside Township Lions Club, wearing their familiar yellow vests, will be located strategically at intersections around town to hopefully receive a donation in exchange for candy. 

This year, Lions will be handing out rolls of mint candy, so get the quarters, dimes and nickels out of your car’s change holder and be ready. Of course, paper money is fine also.  

While most people are willing to give, many also wonder where the money goes. The Lions Club has a strong commitment to aiding organizations dedicated to helping those who have trouble seeing and hearing as well as other local organizations who help children and adults with disabilities.

This year money raised from the candy sale and the annual chicken dinner was distributed locally to the Riverside and North Riverside libraries to help them provide materials for vision- and hearing-impaired patrons. 

The club also was able to assist PeopleCare, the Riverside Township Food Pantry, All in for Ethan, the North Riverside Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, the Scottish Home, Feed Our Community and Cameron Can.

Others receiving donations were Pillars, Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center, Seguin Services and Aging Care Connections, among others.

Selections for all distributions are done by a committee chosen from the membership and voted on by the general membership.

Now you know that your money will be going to good causes. This year Husband Joe and I have taken a cushy spot collecting at Riverside Foods. 

So be careful and courteous when you see the people with the yellow vests on at the street corners. The Riverside Township Lions Club says “thank you” in advance.