Several things I would like to comment on that are bothersome.

The remake of Burlington looks better than I thought it would. It seems like the designer forgot to consider where to park bikes. I went to Riverside Foods recently and the two handicapped spots were taken up by bikes and kids having an after-school party.

The new sidewalks are hard for an old guy to walk on safely, and why did we lose so many parking spaces when the village president is promoting attracting more business and visitors to our town? And where will the customers park to go to the new pizza restaurant?

Second is the Swan Pond and water tower problems. Too bad we cannot go after the contractors to correct the mistakes they made. 

Now that school’s back in session and signs had been wrapped around many sign posts by someone with no sense of pride in their work and left to rest on the ground to turn into a soggy mess as the rain came. Some still remain today and look as bad as the garage sale signs for Downing Road which remain a week later.

Those orange construction barrels on Forbes Road, a main entrance to our town are a real eyesore sitting on the parkway while nothing is being done.

The biggest question is why one entire lane of Forest Avenue is blocked from the bridge to First Avenue for staging of the contractors’ equipment?

This seems to be a safety hazard and adds to traffic congestion.

Frank Vlazny