The board and administration at Riverside-Brookfield High School are attempting to rally support for their plan to build a 60-plus space parking lot on their land north of Hollywood School, email blasting a link to an online petition and posting it on their Facebook page and website.

While getting a better idea of just who supports the idea is probably not a bad idea, a few inconvenient details remain unchanged in any case.

First, no matter what happens with the pending lawsuit or the petition, the village of Brookfield still owns Rockefeller Avenue, which is absolutely vital to any parking plan the high school wants to implement over there.

The village is under no obligation to convey that property to the school district and can choose to continue its use as a parking lot or not. The school district will have to, under any scenario, deal with the village on this matter.

Brookfield has agreed to a 45-space parking lot. That’s 13 spaces less than the high school wants. Surely that’s the compromise. The high school gets its lot and tennis courts. Hollywood Avenue residents get a buffer and the village hands the high school a long-term lease on Rockefeller Avenue.

How this deal isn’t already signed with the ink dry is beyond belief.