I agree completely with the Landmark View “Take the deal” (The Landmark View, Sept. 28).

It is absolutely ludicrous that RBHS board and superintendent has not accepted a reasonable compromise by the village of Brookfield. It was also ludicrous that the RBHS board sued the village over this issue instead of seeking a reasonable solution.

Suing the very village that you need was/is beyond the pale. Furthermore, trying to portray the village of Brookfield as the “bad guy” is wrongheaded and frankly goes against intelligent public relations.

This RBHS board and superintendent needs to truly understand they need the goodwill and support of the Riverside and Brookfield residents and their respective village boards. Suing and trying to badmouth the village is not the way. Stop listening to bad advice and accept a reasonable compromise with the village of Brookfield.

Joseph M. Leary


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