Trying to understand the Brookfield Village Board’s hard stance on 45 parking spaces to allow Riverside-Brookfield High School, I read the traffic studies again. 

There is nothing to indicate that 45 spaces is the magic number to improve any traffic issues. As a matter of fact, I believe fewer spaces adds to the traffic problems. For every car that can be provided parking, less traffic will be performing round trips for drop offs/pick up at peak traffic times. More kids will actually carpool with their friends. Less traffic overall. 

Then the board issued another ultimatum to the RBHS board of a take it or leave it for 45 additional spaces. President Kit Ketchmark issued a statement: “Because the addition of 45, 60 or 90 parking spots will not solve the traffic issues …” 

Isn’t that the definition of arbitrary? He is saying the number of spaces has no effect; then why not compromise? We know the school’s issue — they would like as many controllable parking spaces as possible. 

 Ketchmark then states “the village remains willing to help work together with the Brookfield Zoo and Cook County.” 

Such an offer, since they have such a good relationship with those entities after the amusement tax fiasco. Why is it the PEP Party and the Garvey, Ketchmark boards cannot work with other governing bodies? 

Imagine what could be accomplished with people that could actually work with others? Do the right thing here and allow the 63 spaces.

Michael Towner