It’s that trick-or-treat time of year, which as a kid I loved. We knew which houses gave out which treat and no one questioned if it was safe to be given an apple or homemade cookies. 

I loved the wax teeth and lips which we chewed just long enough to get the flavor out. Teenagers pulled “tricks,” but not nasty or mean ones. My favorite was when a group of local teens got a wooden coffin and one of the brave boys settled in.

The box was brought to the police station, and when it was opened he yelled, “Happy Halloween!” to the local police. The names of those involved will remain anonymous. 

Those times were innocent and fun, but things have changed. Bags of treats need to be checked before consuming because of fears that some people have a sick idea of what makes a treat. However, it does give parents a chance to pull out their favorite treats. Why I know someone who picks out the Whoppers — you know who you are.

The real treat in these here parts is the Cubs! Those of you who have superstitions about what you wear or do, keep it up; it’s working. If I am watching and they don’t do well, I keep switching on and off (my thumb is getting sore), and since I didn’t see any of the big Game Six and they won big, I think you all owe me a thank you.

Speaking of treats, the new restaurants in Riverside, Sawmilly, next to The Chew Chew is another Scott Zimmer creation, and La Barra in the Village Center (or as I say the old Henninger building) are both are scheduled to open in the next few weeks. 

I have seen both and it is hard to believe they are right here in the Riverside where I grew up. Haven’t seen the menus yet, but I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. They will provide me with even more reasons not to cook and, after all, we should support local businesses.

Don’t know if this is a trick or a treat, but early voting has started and you can go as close as the Brookfield Village Hall to vote. As an election judge, I encourage you to early vote. It is quicker, usually no waiting, the hours are convenient and in Brookfield the parking is easy. Just vote! It is your opportunity to voice your opinion.

Think I’ll go fix the Halloween treat bags. Happy Halloween! Go Cubs!