I am a concerned citizen of District 102 who will vote yes for the referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot. We moved to LaGrange knowing our children would receive a quality education, just as our neighbors before us. 

After attending one of the superintendent’s budget meetings, I learned that if the referendum does not pass, our community’s children face increased class size from 24 to 30 students, closing the Science Center, closing Barnsdale Road School, eliminating band and orchestra, eliminating Spanish language classes, eliminating after-school clubs and sports, reducing special education staff, reducing talent development program and eliminating instructional coaches.

The biggest cut to the budget is an increased class size with an estimated $1.3 million savings, which is not even half of the $3 million shortfall. Ultimately, all services listed above need to be cut to meet the budget. 

District 102 has already cut $1.41 million since 2010. Parents have increased their contribution to the budget with increased registration and bus fees. The state of Illinois’ contribution to the budget has decreased. 

District 102 has not had an operational referendum since 1996, yet our student body has increase by 16 percent. District 102 has seen an increase of 300 students since 2006. We need to vote yes for the referendum. Please do not allow our community’s children to suffer.

Jennifer Djurasovic