I am writing this letter in behalf of two moms in our community that need support.

Denise Rehder-Swallow is suffering from ALS. Joann Ogden-D’Altorio is suffering from liver cancer. Both moms are single moms with three children.

Our boys play football together on the varsity team for Riverside-Brookfield High School. I’ve watched them both struggle, especially this past year. They especially need financial help in this trying time, and it would be awesome if the word could be spread throughout the community.

Last year the football team collected and donated money to these families. My son and I had the honor of presenting the donation from the team and coaching staff. Their appreciation was truly heartwarming to witness and I was grateful my son was able to do this alongside me.

We decided to use the Bulldogs’ team motto, F.A.M.I.L.Y. which means “Forget About Me, I Love You.” It made sense to carry on this theme off the field and extend what that means by helping these player’s mothers. We presented them with a gift to help pay for food, bills, and much needed medical care. I wish it were enough to cover all these ladies need at this most difficult time.

They are facing, in my opinion, a parent’s worst nightmare. They have been out to the football games, both in wheelchairs, to cheer on their boys when they are feeling strong enough to be there.

Please find it in your heart to visit their fundraising pages and make a donation.

Denise Rehder-Swallow’s GoFundMe page: www.gofundme.com/22ndpsp8?ssid=759894237&pos=2

JoAnn Ogden-D’Altorio: www.standupforjo.com

Amy Scott