We are writing in response to the article titled “Brookfield makes final bid to end RBHS parking suit” (news, Oct. 12), which describes the long and contentious process of trying to provide a much needed parking lot for Riverside-Brookfield High School.

District 208 has compromised on all of the concerns the village of Brookfield has identified, acting in good faith to reach concessions that meet the needs of Brookfield residents, the community at large, and especially our students.

Specifically, Brookfield has identified the following issues and District 208 took these steps to alleviate them:

 The village was concerned with storm water runoff. District 208 spent $600,000 to address storm water retention from the field, tennis courts, and new parking lot.

 Additional inexperienced student drivers. RBHS offered to pay for additional traffic control before and after school.

 Aesthetics of Hollywood Avenue. District 208 moved the parking structure away from the street, buffering nearby houses with green space and tennis courts.

 Parking lot size. RBHS compromised down to 63 spaces from the original 150.

A judge has directed the two sides to reach a compromise, and we feel District 208 has made every effort to do so. Our student population has grown 50 percent over the last 15 years, and further growth is anticipated. Further, the school supports more than 20 outside community organizations in addition to more than 60 RBHS-sponsored sports and clubs. 

We expect the village of Brookfield to do its part to reach an agreement and, in doing so, act in the best interest of RBHS students and the community the high school serves.

Lori and Jim Adlesick, Amy and Matt Benson, Nancy and Jim Berger, Sandy and Greg Briolat, Molly and Peter Carl, Nancy and Matt Connelly, Cathy and Andy Daun, Ja’Net and Mitch Deason, Laura and Bob Durkin, Lisa Freel, Amy Rosewarne and Krister Friday, Beth and Frank Gazzolo, Lisette and Brad Jameson, Matia Marcucci, Meaghan and John Mathews, Tiffany and Barry McManus, Mary Ellen and Steve Meindl, Michele and Adrian Mendoza, Elizabeth and Sean O’Brien, Janice and Mike O’Flaherty, Marceline and Joel Pankros, Mary and Paul Proteau, Matt Ranft, Amy and Rich Regan, Gretchen Reyes, Tina Ritzler, Jennifer Hepker and Justin Royer, Tracy and Jim Sloan, Deirdre and Michael Smith, Rebecca and Tracy Wood