Has your income gone up over 250 percent in the last 15 years? I know mine hasn’t. Nor have any of my neighbors, who are all struggling. But our assessments paid to the Brookfield Library have. 

I took a look at my taxes over the last few years and the Brookfield Library requires me to pay over 278 percent more in taxes in 2015 than I did in 2000. That is a bigger increase than any other taxing body on my real estate taxes. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Look for yourself on your own taxes to see how much they are charging you.

The Brookfield Library recently stated that they have over $4 million dollars in reserve to build a new building. That’s $4 million dollars that they have been over charging all of us over the last few years to have this large pool of money.

The library recently sent me something stating that they don’t have enough space to offer the free informational seminars that a few people attend each time.

Why doesn’t the library start charging for those seminars to those that want to attend and stop raising my taxes? 

Better yet, how about the library work with other taxing bodies in the area – like our schools – to conduct some of these vital seminars. The schools already have the space and are set up for learning with tons of space to hold community meetings and seminars. 

The Brookfield Village Hall has space to hold these informational and entertainment event/meetings. How about working with our village and using unused space that our taxes already have paid for?

The library recently mailed me a flyer stating that I should look forward to an additional charge of another $300. Instead of increasing my taxes, how about the library refund homeowners the $4 million they have already charged us?

Enough already. The Library plan has lost money on the property they purchased on Arden Avenue a few years ago and overpaid for the property across the street from the Library now – both very bad decisions.

In this fast changing world where we need to consolidate and leverage our resources; Brookfield Library relies on old strategies with a wasteful spending plan that drains all of our pocket books needlessly.

Vote no to this needless library tax increase.

Francisco Menchaca