This year, 2016, is the next year we Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting for, and Wednesday, Nov. 2, was the someday we have all been waiting for — some of us longer than others. 

I think on that day pigs did fly and God did make little green apples.  We don’t need no stinkin’ curses anymore, because we are No. 1 and nobody can put Cubbies in the corner anymore. To you naysayers, you can’t handle the truth; the Cubs are the champions of the world.

Yes, it finally happened: the Cubs have won the World Series and it is finally sinking in. When I woke up on Nov. 3, I found out it was not a dream. Some of the players have done the Saturday Night Live bits showing some of their other talents (singing isn’t one of them, sorry) and the obligatory trip to Disney World. Joe Maddon is packing up the RV, looking forward to joining his wife on a trek to wherever. The rest of us will still just enjoy what was a long time coming.

There are many thank yous to be passed out, of course. The Ricketts family and Theo Epstein not only gave us a winning season but rescued us from the negative publicity and crime that had taken over the front pages of the papers. 

We basked in happy news. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was always this way? To the players, you represented yourselves well on and off the field.

Like many, I went through a gamut of emotions, fear, anger, happiness and tears.  It is good I watch in the privacy of my own home so as to spare others my thoughts and feelings with antacids close at hand.  I wondered about the many rubber bracelets Maddon wears usually in support of some cause, possibly something I would like to support. 

I wonder what next year will bring, but I don’t have to give fans of other teams any excuses for this year because we (notice how I say “we”) did it and that’s what matters.  But I do wonder which of the players will we see on “Dancing with the Stars?”  My vote goes to Anthony Rizzo. The Italian stallion seems to have all the right moves!

Cubs win! Cubs win!