A hearty thank you to the voters of Brookfield who voted no on the library referendum and yes to common sense. In these times marked by anemic economic growth and stagnant wages, we Brookfielders decided we could live without a palatial library when we already have a perfectly functional building that more than adequately fulfills all the needs that a vital library should.

The people have spoken, but I urge all citizens concerned with unchecked tax hikes to remain vigilant. I fully expect the library board to disregard the will of the people and bring this referendum — most likely unchanged — back for a renewed vote in the future. 

They will cite PR-friendly reasons like “we didn’t get our message out” or “we didn’t educate the populace about the need.” 

But make no mistake, the board is just biding its time for a more favorable electoral cycle, i.e. one with a far lower turnout.

I respectfully urge the library board to respect this vote and not waste any further taxpayer money pursuing this unneeded vanity project.

Matt Corradino