With the success of the inaugural holiday donation drive last year, Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity (RJWC) is introducing the second year of Riverside Gives and has made the process even more efficient.

Riverside Gives offers a simple way to donate to causes at a time of year when many desire to give.  RJWC has selected 18 beneficiaries, to whom anyone can donate, any amount of money; RJWC will then take care of the logistics of getting 100% of those donations to the specified causes.  

“We’re eliminating the hassle of making donations.  We have removed the challenges of researching causes-in-need and navigating many different websites/donation envelopes.”  At RiversideGives.com the donation process can literally be completed within 60 seconds.

Around Thanksgiving, individuals would come to RJWC asking for ways they could help the less fortunate.  Since the philanthropic organization is largely focused on annual fundraising and distributing those raised-funds to hyper-local causes and charities, the group already knew what groups were in need in the area.

“We’re really acting as an agent for both individuals who want to give money to local causes and charities, and for the causes in some way, too.  Often we see that national, mega non-profit organizations are more vocal in their fundraising, and while they are deserving, there are outstanding organizations doing amazing and impactful things in our own community.”

“For example, Constance Morris House in LaGrange aids domestic violence survivors in our immediate neighborhood; and Hines VA Hospital offers services to our country’s veterans a mere four miles from our Riverside Township Hall” said the committee. 

Other charities include Buddy’s Place, Beds Plus, PeopleCare, Reclaim13, Friends of the Fourth, Bogan Quarters, Youth Crossroads, Cantata, Aging Care Connections, Riverside Public Library, Riverside Township Food Pantry, Riverside Arts Center, Seguin Services, Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity, Still Missed and kids with long-term medical needs in Riverside.

The group urges the community to think locally when deciding where to spread holiday generosity & how to make tax deductible contributions; remember that Causes and Charities in the immediate community deeply need financial support.

The group, in its 80th year, is hoping to raise over $10,000 with Riverside Gives; the donation drive launched at www.riversidegives.com on November 17th. The site will be accepting donations through December 31st. 

As a Thank You for your support, and as a Celebration of the community, RJWC hosted a Pop-Up Holiday Movie Party at Riverside’s historic Arcade Building.  The festivities were held the evening of Riverside’s Holiday Stroll (December 2).  Classic children’s holiday movies were shown at 6:45, 7:30 and 8:15.  

To donate, visit RiversideGives.com.  For more information on RJWC, visit www.riversidejuniors.org.

RJWC generously sponsored this year by: Little Bitty Productions, Sheila Flanagan Gentile Coldwell Banker, State Representative Mike Zalewski, Gaslight Realty, Blueprint, Riverside Bank & the RB Landmark.