I got a call from Santa Claus the other night, and she – yes, she — wanted me to pass along a story about a couple of very good boys he encountered in Riverside recently.

Turns out Santa Claus put on her fur-bedecked red finery and headed out to bring cheer to a party in her Riverside neighborhood last week. As she was walking down the sidewalk toward her destination, she slipped and fell. Oh no!

Going down was the easy part — getting up, not so much, particularly if you are an injured Santa. So Santa did what she thought would work best and started yelling for help. Santa, here’s a tip: You really should have a cellphone.  

Alas, Santa’s calls for help fell on deaf ears as cars whizzed by, not stopping to assist the downed elf. Finally, two boys who were playing outside at the home hosting the party where Santa was headed, heard the commotion and went to check out the situation. 

Leaping into action, the first responders came to Santa’s aid getting the jolly person up and asking if Santa was OK. The three proceeded to the party, where it was determined Santa had sustained no injuries, and aren’t we all glad of that. After some socializing, Santa was escorted back to her Riverside lodgings.

According to Santa, the parties involved in this story wished to remain anonymous, but Santa did learn the boys’ names — Thomas and Will, who are believed to be students at Hauser Junior High. 

Santa told them they had saved her, therefore saving Christmas. Will and Thomas have earned the right to be at the top of the “good” list this year. To all those who didn’t stop to help, a lump of coal to you.

So we wish Thomas and Will happy holidays and whatever holiday you are celebrating, may it be a good one. My readers, your loyalty to this column is always a present.