Well here it is: 2017! Hope you all celebrated and are ready for the New Year. It started out great for us celebrating with Nancy and Joe Dvorak at The Chew Chew; congratulations to us, we all stayed awake. How could we not? We were with good friends, had good food and were close to home.

New Year’s Day usually finds me doing important things like changing the calendars and watching football games. Unfortunately, my football season, collegiate and pro, ended early this season. 

Bears items, usually a good gifts, were on sale before Christmas, but the way they played this season half price was not low enough. But Cubs merchandise was worth it at any price.

I used to enjoy the college bowl games, but now there are so many it almost assures any team a chance for postseason play. Have to love the bowl names! I’m waiting for the Toilet Bowl sponsored by either Lysol or Scrubbing Bubbles. There could be a Lemon Bowl for the teams with the worst records of the season followed by a small farewell party for the outgoing coaches and staffs.

Since disappointment was getting to me, I started channel surfing and went to two of my “go-to” stations, RBTV’s Channel 16 and Riverside TV’s Channel 6. Both are on 24 hours a day and present some good programing. I happened to catch “Riverside Memories” on Channel 6 featuring interviews with longtime Riverside residents, which I highly recommend. It is to be a continuing series with more interviews being slated. 

What can you look forward to here in this space in 2017? Very soon I will tell you the story of a house here in Riverside that was home to families that only had girls for more than 70 years and an interview with Dave Moravecek, who won the prize of being a column subject in a raffle. I will also answer some of the questions I get asked that may be of interest to readers. 

Of course if you have a question or something you would like to see written about, just let me know; you know where to find me.

Happy New Year!