It is not often that most of us admit, even to ourselves, that we’ve learned a good lesson from some sort of contentious issue. People, especially those in the public eye, are prone to rationalize those circumstances and put a good spin on the outcome.

That makes it refreshing in what might be our final story about the rancorous debate between the village of Brookfield and Riverside-Brookfield High School over construction of added parking, that tucked in at the end is a quote from Kevin Skinkis, the school’s superintendent. 

Of the three-year battle, one that has included a lawsuit pitting two public bodies against the other, Skinkis said, “As a younger superintendent, I have really gained a lot from this experience and the importance of working with local municipalities, your neighbors, friends, to try to put together a plan that can support all the goals of the school district, as well as the community around it.”

Neither side in this debate was entirely in the right, though the school was overreaching in its initial plan for more parking.

But that makes the superintendent’s conclusion all-the-more impressive. It will serve Supt. Skinkis well going forward. And is one we can all afford to admit learning from.