Sharon Anderson will remain on the ballot in the Lyons School District 103 school board race, at least for now. On Jan. 25, the Cook County Electoral Board overruled an objection to Anderson’s nominating papers that had been filed by Brookfield resident James Koc, who then had five days to appeal the Electoral Board’s ruling to the Cook County Circuit Court.

The Electoral Board followed the recommendation of hearing officer John Ashenden who on Jan. 17 conducted a hearing on Koc’s objection to Anderson’s nominating papers.

“I’m pleased with the hearing officer’s decision and the Electoral Board’s decision,” said Anderson, an incumbent board member and past school board president, who is running for another term on the D103 school board on a slate with former district secretary Marge Hubacek and Shannon Johnson. They are facing off against incumbents Katie Broderick and Kendra Pierce and newcomer Olivia Quintero. Broderick was elected to the board in 2015 as part of a slate backed by Lyons Village President Christopher Getty. Pierce was appointed to fill a vacancy last year. Getty-backed candidates took control of the school board in 2015.

Anderson submitted 60 signatures on her nominating petitions, 10 more than are required. Koc challenged 16 of the signatures. The hearing officer and the Electoral Board sustained seven of the objections and overruled nine leaving Anderson with 53 valid signatures, three more than 50 valid signatures that are required.

Koc also objected that Anderson failed to date her required Statement of Economic Interests. According to the hearing officer’s report, Anderson testified at the hearing that she went to the Cook County Clerk’s Office on Dec. 6 to complete and file her Statement of Economic Interests. She cited nerves to explain why she left the date portion of the form blank, but pointed to the “Received” time stamp of the Cook County Clerk’s Office to prove she filed the form within the required time period. She said she had also filed a Statement of Economic Interests in March of last year as a sitting school board member.

Koc, who was represented by lawyer Scott Erdman at the hearing, also claimed that Anderson’s statement of candidacy did not state the office that Anderson sought.  Anderson apparently only wrote Lyons on that form. But Anderson, who represented herself at the hearing, argued that her nominating petitions and application cover page both clearly stated the office that she sought: Board member Lyons School District 103.

The hearing officer and the Electoral Board agreed with Anderson.

James Nally, a lawyer for Koc, said Monday afternoon that he didn’t know yet if Koc would appeal the Electoral Board’s ruling.

“I don’t have a firm answer on that at this time,” Nally said.

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