I read with interest the Landmark’s, Feb. 1 article about state Rep. Michael Zalewski being appointed chairman of the Illinois House Revenue Committee. I also read and totally agreed with the Landmark’s opinion on the appointment. 

Mike Zalewski has shown the ability to take on some difficult issues, but until he can show a willingness to distance himself from the control of Speaker Michael Madigan it is difficult to jump on Zalewski’s bandwagon. 

For far too long Speaker Madigan has controlled the political process in Springfield, showing little interest in sharing power for the good of Illinois citizens. Gov. Bruce Rauner seems to share Madigan’s “my way or the highway” mentality, so it is up Representative Zalewski and the other members of the General Assembly to demonstrate leadership and independence from the speaker and governor by passing a compromise budget to begin the process of restoring Illinois. 

Let’s see if Rep. Zalewski and his fellow assembly members can demonstrate this leadership and independence.

Joe Rose