A project to install fiber-optic cables and radio antennae along some Riverside roads is set to begin March 6 and will take about three weeks to complete. 

Crown Castle, a telecommunications firm headquartered in Texas that sells access to its infrastructure to telecommunication giants like Verizon and Sprint, will handle the construction. 

Most of the work will involve digging up portions of the parkway and laying underground cables. There will be construction equipment in the parkways, Edward Bailey, Riverside’s public works director, said. There are no planned traffic lane closures due to the work.

“It’s a fairly straightforward project,” Bailey said.

According to plans approved by the Riverside Village Board in December 2016, the project will begin at the cellular tower at Riverside-Brookfield High School and then move south to Ridgewood Road. Work will take place along Ridgewood Road between Golf Road and First Avenue. 

Cable will also extend east from First Avenue along Forest Avenue to West Avenue and then south to Pine Avenue, where work will continue east to East Avenue.

Residents can expect some noise. But, Bailey noted, local ordinances do restrict when construction can take place during the day. The village is also providing Crown Castle information on pick-up and drop-off times for Riverside-Brookfield High School to avoid any inconvenience to students and teachers as much as possible. 

The Brookfield Village Board approved a similar project in the Hollywood section of the village in February 2017. Brookfield Public Works could not be reached for comment and it’s unclear when that construction project will start. 

Calls to Crown Castle for comment were not returned by press time.­