Throughout the month of March Brennan Massage & Spa will be featuring a new massage special focusing on myofascial massage. If you are in need of deep healing and relaxation, then the Myofascial Melt- Away Massage is for you.

Enjoy a full body, 90 minute massage that begins with an introduction to myofascial massage! Myofascial massage is a slow moving technique that engages your fascia so that tension melts away. Our fascia surrounds and connects all of our tendons, muscles, bones and organs. When fascia is released, the body can readjust to a state of comfort and well-being.

“The essence of myofascial release is slow, patient, elongated pressure that engages the bodies’ natural ability to release tension,” explains massage therapist Gordon.

During your Myofascial Melt-Away Massage, the massage therapist will apply a layer of heat to your back to warm and relax your body. Then, using a technique called re-bounding, the therapist will gently rock your body so that internally there is movement from head to toe. This can last up to 3-5 minutes as the body begins to let go of deep blockages.

The massage therapist will then engage myofascial release techniques that will help him or her move through your body’s fascial barriers. This technique involves sustaining a compression to a restricted area on the body. The therapist moves the compression as your body lets go.

Massage therapist Andrea notes, “Myofascial release allows quicker access to deeper layers of muscle tissue, providing a more relaxing and effective massage.”

As the body unwinds, the massage therapist will continue with a Swedish and deep tissue massage integrating heated towels and our Naturopathica muscle rub!

For owner Abby Brennan, the benefits of the Myofascial Melt-Away Massage are two-fold. “The Myofascial Melt-Away Massage is an exciting massage because it’s great to offer customers a variety of ways to help them heal, and it’s good for us as well to put new protocols into practice.” Relieve your tension with the Myofascial Melt-Away Massage!

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Myofascial Melt-Away Massage 

90 minutes for $95!

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