I would like to notify our community of a public safety hazard. I contacted the village manager’s office via voice mail on Jan. 31, 2017 to alert them that I drove past the water retention pond project on the 3500 block of Forest Avenue that evening and the current fencing was rolled back and left open in two four-foot sections. 

I have not received a call back from anyone at the village to acknowledge my concern or to advise me that it has/will be addressed with the contractor.

As of today the fencing which I believe to be inadequate and a life safety issue is still up. However, during the evening it is not compliant with the Village Code:  

Article VII. Sec. 12-374 regarding marking of obstructions and excavations during construction work states that “whenever, as the result of construction work on any building any, obstruction or excavation exists on or in any street, sidewalk, alley or other public place, red lights, flares or other warning devices shall be placed and maintained around such obstructions or excavations at all times between dusk and sunrise.”

To my knowledge it has never been lit during dusk, and in my opinion it is a very dangerous hazard that must be addressed. I believe that cyclone fencing with sandbag weights should be used in the project as well as signage and warning lights.

Leanne M. Digan


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