RBHS officials are now entering another minefield, this time involving a teacher who’s up for tenure but who has apparently run afoul of the administration for taking political stances that have made some people uncomfortable.

This is a sticky area in schools, places that many community members would prefer to be politics-free zones. Given what’s going on in this nation right now, where politics have placed a target on public education itself, we’re not sure that’s a realistic or correct expectation.

What administrators ought to be focusing on is the message. Is this teacher advocating on behalf of students who may feel marginalized? Is the teacher seeking to marginalize others? There’s a clear difference to us. It’s not a matter of advocating between left and right, but between right and wrong.

This is not a zero-sum game, whereby recognizing the worth and rights of the marginalized takes something away from others. That’s the lesson RBHS ought to be promoting, and it shouldn’t come with an admonition to its teachers to keep that message to themselves.