Recently, Jill Musil, a teacher at Riverside-Brookfield High School, has been asked to leave her position on completely ridiculous grounds. The administration of RB has asked her to leave the school due to her constant outspoken voice within the school that they has chosen to view in a negative light and on the allegations that she assisted with the student-led protest against discrimination in November. 

I was a primary part of the student-led protest earlier this school year and Ms. Musil had no involvement in its organization. The protest was completely student led and it aimed to start taking steps towards ending discrimination amongst students. 

We initially began to work with the administration to meet this goal and in the beginning they seemed to be completely on board. Now, requesting Ms. Musil’s resignation because they suspect her involvement in it shows their hypocrisy. 

If the administration was in honest support of our protest then they wouldn’t have asked a teacher they suspected was involved in it to leave the school. Many teachers supported this protest and its powerful message and Ms. Musil was one of them, but the extent of her involvement in it ends there. 

Ms. Musil supported our message completely and helped us in reaching our goal by creating accepting classroom environments for all students and letting students know that discrimination of any kind would not be tolerated in her classroom. 

She did everything a teacher who cared about her students should have done in this situation. The administration now chooses to use this against her when they claimed to be in full support of actions like hers earlier in the year. 

This mendacity by the administration is not fair to Ms. Musil and not fair to her students. Ms. Musil is known around Riverside-Brookfield as one of the most accepting and supportive presences in the school and she proves that to her students every day. 

Amid the constant discrimination that targets a huge part of our student body occurring in the country and the world today, Ms. Musil has always let students know that her classroom is a safe place. 

She has helped give so many students at RB a voice when they felt like theirs couldn’t be heard. She makes every student who knows her feel important and like they matter and it is in times like these where we need to know that. 

The student body of RB loves Ms. Musil and is so grateful for everything that she’s done for us and the administrative actions made against her will not sway us or sway her either. The administration is taking away important influences in students’ lives when we need them the most, and this is something that cannot be tolerated within our school and within our community. 

Jill Musil inspires the people around her to stand up for what they believe in and to let their voice be heard and we need to stand behind Ms. Musil during times like these. She would do the same for us.

Casey Whisler


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