As we approach another election day, North Riverside residents need to ask  themselves, does the VIP Party deserve another four years? 

In the 2015 election, the Landmark endorsed two of the three VIP candidates and H. Bob Demopoulos in a March 24, 2015 article. The Landmark was quoted in saying that “if there was ever a village that could use a serious alternative to an entrenched local political establishment, it’s North Riverside,” also stating how the VIP has had a stranglehold on the village for so long. 

Trustee Demopoulos has been the only board member to publicly speak out against privatizing the fire department. The other two candidates that year were Jason Bianco and Debra Czajka, who both retained their positions on the board. 

The Landmark stated that both candidates “appeared to break with the mayor on total privatization of the fire department.” Yet two years later, we are no closer to an end to this financial disaster and waste of taxpayer’s dollars. 

Nothing has changed in the past two years except that legal bills keep mounting for the village. The only winners in this situation are the lawyers. It’s time for a change North Riverside. Yes, change can be scary but change can also be very good. 

Vote for the MVP Party to make those changes for the village and put your hard earned tax dollars to good use.

Rich Gray

North Riverside

Ed. Note: Rich Gray is a North Riverside firefighter.